the Curiosity+Lab surfaces your goals, assigns KPIs and connects your company’s vision + brand to your digital marketing program.


Stay Curious

Our inspirations are organically+human. The digital experiences we create are inspired by you. Curiosity lives in each DISCOVERY SESSION and we’re always looking for a muse. Questions and genuine conversations about you, your business, your company culture and what drives YOUR CUSTOMERS are the very core of what excites our curiosity.

Find Focus

A great brainstorming session can leave you with pages of ideas but NO+IDEA how to execute any of them. Or, even decide if they will drive enough influenced sales revenue or relationship growth for the investment. Adding digital campaigns, new website developments/design, creating content, personas, search strategies or the endless amount of software available to…

Create + Refine

Iterations that listen are the preferred direction theCuriosity+Lab takes when it comes to rounds of edits and user feedback.We want to learn and research what your customers’ behaviors tell us – more importantly we want to collect that information organically with old-fashioned, investigative, journalistic approaches then combine it with robust analytics and search marketing insights.