Stay Curious

Our inspirations are organically+human. The digital experiences we create are inspired by you. 

Curiosity lives in each DISCOVERY SESSION and we’re always looking for a muse. Questions and genuine conversations about you, your business, your company culture and what drives YOUR CUSTOMERS are the core of what excites our curiosity. We approach every project with your end user in mind and consider genuine human-centered experiences that spark specific emotions then wrap those around your campaign goals with KPIs. We are artists by trade and apply an approach that considers colors, visuals, videos and interactions that inspire your audiences’ journey while increasing engagement or the start of new relationships with your brand.

theCuriosity+Lab does not begin any project without a DISCOVERY SESSION so we can fully assess where you see your company or program in 1 to 5 years. The work we do together might be very technical in nature, but our dialogue will always be very human. You will understand all details of your project estimate and receive rationale for the approach recommended to solve your problems. After the discovery session(s) theCuriosity+Lab delivers a comprehensive scope of work (SOW) and proposed creative concepts or strategy with projected costs or services required.

The real work won’t begin until we find the FOCUS together.


Find Focus

A great brainstorming session can leave you with pages of ideas but NO+IDEA how to execute any of them.

Or, even decide if they will drive enough influenced sales revenue or relationship growth for the investment. Adding digital campaigns, new website developments/design, creating content, personas, search strategies or the endless amount of software available to amp up your marketing program can be daunting. When you don’t have anyone in your company who has attempted an experimental digital program, migration or integration project or there’s hesitancy to jump in to a field you hardly understand you can rely on theCuriosity+Lab to help focus your vision.

theCuriosity+Lab helps you develop clear digital focus by asking you an overwhelming amount of questions about your current business and processes; if you don’t have clear goals we can help you define them. If you don’t know how to translate those goals into dashboards and closed-loop analytics reporting with KPIs that actually connect to your overall business and marketing strategy then theCuriosity+Lab is the right partner for your company.

Our formula for success involves customizing engagement, sales or awareness funnels into your relationship management strategy, marketing sales and social strategy while always ensuring to align your internal processes in a way that accentuate strengths, eliminates inefficiencies and deliver enhanced technology that allows your creatives to CREATE+REFINE your digital marketing program.

Create + Refine

Iterations that listen are the preferred direction theCuriosity+Lab takes when it comes to rounds of edits and user feedback.

We want to learn and research what your customers’ behaviors tell us – more importantly we want to collect that information organically with old-fashioned, investigative, journalistic approaches then combine it with robust analytics and search marketing  insights. The more work we do upfront together the fewer revisions happen long-term because we’ve quickened our understanding of your needs and documented all your preferences. Working together will just feel right for both sides + if it doesn’t, both parties should part ways.

We will provide a few documents upfront before creating any billable deliverable or strategy – this might include a Scope of Work (SOW), a 3-month campaign document, a content playbook or a creative brief. This will be provided only after we have collected enough information about your business to guide your marketing program in the right direction to be in alignment with your business or sales goals. These documents will clearly outline pricing estimates, hours and your deliverables. Once we begin our work together we will also let you know if you are crossing the mid-range of the estimate or might exceed the estimate based on additional work or issues found. We will never increase hours or exceed those estimates without prior warning or communication about what is needed and why. Your TRUST, marketing program, budget, security and technology stack are of utmost importance to us.