Capturing Leads with a Microsite

+Project Summary

The Market Data microsite was created to inform and capture interested leads for the NAED Market Data Data Intelligence Software. Users self-selected their interest level in the program based on three tiers of commitment so the sales team knew how to approach the lead based on this selection. The lead capture form had automation programmed with Hubspot CRM to notify account managers when leads submitted forms and what types of content the lead interacted with prior to submission. A sales CRM pipeline was built in Hubspot to manage the relationship lifecycle and subscription process.

NAED originally had a 1-page website with little information about the program for online researchers and did not believe a microsite or any additional online presence was needed. I strongly advocated to develop a microsite to help inform, educate and especially help the sales reps to collect interested leads through form conversions and browsing activity. Upon launch, the microsite delivered over 40 leads in the first few weeks through event app promotions, on-site demonstrations and organic search. Newly discovered leads who found the program through organic search and were not sales targets became 40K+ in closed product subscription sales.


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