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Website reskins are redesigning over the existing HTML template so the template structure remains intact but the page design is enhanced. This is a cost-effective way to give a CMS-based or corporate compliant website a facelift by changing the CSS styles and content but keeping the ‘bones’ of the site in place. Learning to design web pages creatively within the constraints of corporate or global CMS templates is a unique skill that can save companies time, money and make their marketing / creative departments extremely satisfied with the investment on better design!

theCuriosity+Lab works seamlessly with content editors, developers, web designers and content strategist to work creatively around existing site functionality and builds.




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I love curating empowering experiences; especially the kind that inspire change! We're moving towards a virtual world but our feelings and desire to connect are the heart of developing any new product or experience. I believe my strength in this area is curiosity, empathy and innate desire to always champion the human experience first. I like working in groups where these strengths shine and innovative teamwork is rewarded.

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